Projec Manager 3

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Absolute Opportunities
The Project Manager III is responsible for managing, without the need for significant direction, predominantly Category 0 and 1 projects within the business unit in accordance with TRWs new product introduction management process requirements. Additionally, in accordance with PMI standards, is responsible for managing all aspects of a project over the entire life of the project as shown by the following Project Phases: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing. The project manager will be involved with the project from sourcing through post launch, GDPIM Gates 1-8. The project manager is responsible to support / manage acquisition activities during GDPIM 1 and 2 (pre-award) phases on a case-by-case basis as agreed with program management director and/or sales management lead. The project manager is responsible to manage the customer interface from GDPIM Phases 3-8 (award through post launch). The project manager is responsible to interface with all areas affected by the project, ensuring successful integration of all project work products. The project manager is responsible to balance the competing demands of scope, time, and cost (also known as the triple constraint) while achieving the highest quality and stakeholder/customer satisfaction levels. The project manager is responsible to manage projects and project team activities in the development and launch of new products. The project manager is responsible for working to meet or exceed stakeholder and customer expectations. The project manager is responsible for driving relevant project and project status communications among TRW stakeholders (customer, supplier, project team, functional & divisional management). The project manager is responsible for monitoring progress of projects through internal reviews, partcipation in team meetings, and assist where needed to resolve impasses by resolving elevated issues internally and with the customer, ensuring barriers that could impede program progress are removed. The primary scope involves high risk/complexity, new or future business awards and program launches, but also includes existing programs that have major changes directed by the customer or VAVE cost reduction activities. The Project Manager III may mentor and provide direction to less experienced project managers. Specific: See hiring manager for a more detailed description.
English proficiency required
Must demonstrate achievement orientation and initiative, concern for order, quality and accuracy.
Must be information seeking with a customer/stakeholder service orientation.
Must demonstrate high levels of interpersonal communication skills with the ability to impact and influence others.
Must be a strong team leader fostering teamwork, cooperation, and relationship building while developing others.
Must demonstrate strong analytical thinking and problem solving using conceptual thinking.
Must exhibit high levels of self-control, self-confidence, and flexibility. Must demonstrate organizational awareness with superior organizational commitment and commercial intuition.
Must exhibit proven team leadership capabilities.
Must demonstrate competency in product design fundamentals, automotive APQP processes, PPAP/ PSO processes, manufacturing knowledge, and financial management basics (capex and non-recurring cost mgt.).
Must demonstrate competency with the PMI PMBOK Nine Knowledge Areas including Project Integration Mgt., Project Scope Mgt., Project Time Mgt., Project Cost and Profitability Mgt., Project Quality Mgt., Project Human Resources Mgt., Project Communications Mgt., and Project Risk Mgt. Focus on program management as a profession through continuous learning.
Receive and act on feedback on performance from Manager of Programs with input from project team and other stakeholders.
Contribute to continuous improvement of program management processes and tools using Lean, VA-VE, Six Sigma, and DFSS methodologies.
Must achieve the appropriate business unit requirements for PMI and Six Sigma certifications.
Experienced and proficient in GDPIM processes and able to mentor others and lead teams through GDPIM processes and procedures.
PMP-certification through the Program Management Institute (PMI), with some review of certification through other certifying bodies considered (i.e., German Program Management Association (GPM)).
1.Bachelors degree in project management, engineering or related technical field required. MBA preferred, although additional business management education/experience will be considered.
2.At least two years Project Management experience through the entire project life cycle as outlined in the PMI PMBOK (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing)
3.Six to ten years of experience in the automotive or supplier industry

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