Software Engineer

Company Name:
MOBIS Parts America
Group Vision
MOBIS North America is the largest automotive electronics supplier in Korea and one of the fastest growing companies in the world. MOBIS North America, located in Farmington Hills, MI, is seeking a highly motivated Software Engineer to work with real time safety critical electro-mechanical systems, primarily Electrically Power Steering (EPS) and Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS).

Responsibilities include:
Develop/Modify prototype control algorithms for EPS.
Develop software for prototype motor control evaluation: Permanent Magnet, Interior Permanent Magnet, Induction, Switched Reluctance motors, etc.
Create and maintain software specification documents.
Test software at unit level, on test beds and in vehicles.
Support ADAS testing and development based on software needs.
Manage/modify Labview based test software of motor control test bed.
Problem list control and management
Support Korea based engineering teams in EPS development.

Travel to Korea may be required to support development of the MOBIS EPS.

Required: BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics; C/C++ experience; Software for embedded real time control systems. Less than three years experience. Recent college graduates are acceptable so long as course work and/or experience is relevant. A desire to work in a lab with prototype hardware and support vehicle testing at a test track is a must.

Desired Experience: Matlab/Simulink, Vector Tools (CANape) and CAN protocol; development of Graphical User Interfaces; Automatic control theory background; Automotive software development experience.

Plus: Knowledge of ANSI C/MISRA rules for coding standard; safety critical software development; experience in digital & analog control implementation.

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